Fitbit User Agreement

We never sell our users` personal data. We only transmit your personal data in the limited circumstances described below. Opposition to data usage. We give you account settings and tools to control our data usage. For example, your privacy settings allow you to limit how your information is visible to other service users. With your notification settings, you can limit the notifications we receive from you; and among your app settings, you can cancel access to third-party apps you`ve previously logged into your Fitbit account. You can also use the Fitbit app to decouple your device from your account at any time. it cannot reasonably be used to identify a person. We may disclose this information to the public and to third parties. For example, in public reports on movements and activities, with partners as part of an agreement with us or in the context of the community benchmark information we make available to users of our subscription services. We use the information we collect to promote the security of services, our users and other parties.

For example, we may use the information to authenticate users, facilitate secure payments, protect against fraud and abuse, respond to a legal request or claim, conduct audits and enforce our terms and policies. Fitbit says that the data of its 28 million users is not sold or used for Google no class action ads: they can settle disputes with Fitbit only on an individual basis and cannot assert a right as a plaintiff or class member in a collective, consolidated or representative action. Class arbitration proceedings, class actions, private actions of the Attorney General and consolidation with other arbitration procedures are not authorized by our agreement. Yet this weekend, dozens of Fitbit carriers complained on social media about the acquisition of Google. « I threw my Fitbit in the trash today, » tweeted one user. « I intend to sell my Fitbit and delete my account, » said another. Fitbit products using PurePulse technology have a heart rate tracking function that can pose risks to users with specific health conditions. Consult your doctor before using such products if you (1) have a medical or heart disease, (2) take light-sensitive medication, (3) are epileptic or sensitive to flashing lights, (4) you easily have refoulement or contusions or (5) tendonitis, carpalic canal syndrome or other musculoskeletal disorders. You agree to use Fitbit Pay in accordance with these Fitbit payment terms and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. You will not use Fitbit Pay for fraudulent or illegal purposes, and your use of Fitbit Pay complies with Section 7 of the terms, including, but not limited, the circumvention (i) of the technological measures implemented by Fitbit or a Fitbit supplier or another third-party provider (including another user) to protect Fitbit Pay or (ii) access to Fitbit Pay by using a different mechanism than that used under these Fitbit Pay conditions.

If you change your Fitbit device or Fitbit Pay service, Fitbit is not responsible for any liability or damage that may occur as a result of such changes, including unauthorized transactions that may result.