Hong Kong Investment Agreement

2. Any dispute between an investor of one party and the other contracting party concerning an investment by the contracting party in that party`s domain, which has not been settled out of court, may, after a period of six months from the written notification of the debt by one of the parties to the dispute, be subject to the agreed procedures between the parties to the dispute. If no such procedure has been agreed within this six-month period, the dispute is the subject of arbitration proceedings at the request of the investor concerned, in accordance with the arbitration regulation of the United Nations International Trade Law Commission, as it was in force at the time. Parties to the dispute may agree in writing to amend these rules. Hong Kong has sought to sign investment and protection agreements (IPPA) with foreign economies to improve investment flows in both directions and stimulate our economy. IpPA is an agreement between governments on the promotion and protection of investments made by investors of one contracting party in the area of the other party. Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about AHK-IA, the Hong Kong-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement or ongoing trade and investment between Hong Kong and ASEAN, and aSEAN cross-border investors will benefit from investment guarantees in the form of fair and equitable treatment, as well as comprehensive protection and security, compensation for expropriations and damage caused by armed conflict. civil war, revolution or state of emergency. Cross-border transfers related to covered investments are allowed « freely and without delay. » In order to use ahK-IA, party investors must obtain investment authorization from the relevant authority for their investment. Covered investments include real estate, shares, shares, bonds and bonds, intellectual property rights, rights to money or contractual benefits, and commercial concessions of financial value. 2 3. The investments and returns of each party`s investors are treated fairly and fairly at all times and enjoy total protection and security in the other party`s area. Neither party in its field may affect the investment activities of the other party`s investors by unreasonable or discriminatory measures.

Each party meets any commitments it may have made with respect to investments made by investors on the other side. 1. Investors of a contracting party who suffer in the other party`s area the damage related to their investments, products or investment-related activities resulting from the outbreak of hostilities or a national state of emergency, such as revolution, revolt, insurrection or riot, are treated with respect to all measures to be taken by the other party, including restitution. , compensation or other consideration of value not less than that granted to investors of the other party or to third-party investors. The resulting payments are effectively achievable, freely convertible and freely transferable. IiA Mapping Project The IIA Mapping Project is a cooperative initiative between UNCTAD and universities around the world to represent the content of II A. The resulting database serves as a tool to understand trends in CEW development, assess the prevalence of different policy approaches, and identify examples of contracts.