Mpn Agreement

If you put everything in place at the same time – by entering the Partner Center, registering as an indirect CSP reseller and accepting the new MPA – you will be invited to accept the MPA as the final step in the boarding process of the Microsoft Partner Center. If so, congratulations! You have completed the process, accepted the updated agreement and you can continue your transaction as usual. Microsoft has updated its partnership agreement for several reasons: the MPN is an agreement to repay your direct loans with interest and accrued fees. It also explains the terms of your credits. The new MPA replaces and consolidates several previous Microsoft agreements, such as the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA), the Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA), the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement Multi-Tier Amendment, the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement for US Government Cloud and the sales agreement for the indirect reseller. You must sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) before you can obtain direct loans. As noted above, the MPA applies to any organization participating in the CSP program. These include Sherweb as an indirect supplier and partner that resells Microsoft CSP products through its own Sherweb partnership program. #2 Register as a direct seller for CSP at the Microsoft Partner Center If your company is an indirect reseller in the Microsoft CSP program via Sherweb, you will need to register as a CSP Indirect reseller at Microsoft`s Partner Center. This is because all partners accept the new MPA in the Partner Center. Therefore, all partners must have access to the interface. Note: If your organization has already registered as a CSP indirect dealer, skip this step.

Note: If your organization has already joined the Microsoft Partner Network and already has a Microsoft Partner Network Identifier (MPN ID), skip this step. To accept the new MPA, partners must access Microsoft`s Partner Center. To do this, you must join the Microsoft Partner Network and get an MPN IDENTIFIANT. If not, the only step your organization had to take was to approve the MPA – just sign up for the Partner Center to get started. Browse the « Show Your Partner Profile » dashboard in the Partner Account menu in the Partner Center dashboard. The MPA is available on your partner`s profile page. Once you`ve reported your acceptance, congratulations! The process is now complete. You can start with check-in and the boarding process in microsoft Partner Center via the registration page. Note that there is a confirmation procedure for registration on the Microsoft Partner Network and that acceptance of registration conditions is separate from acceptance of the terms of the MPA. Microsoft`s additional resources for Microsoft`s new partnership agreement are listed below. As an indirect CSP provider, the Sherweb team is also here to help you navigate the process.

Ask us for help by contacting your hired account manager or contacting There are certain steps that Sherweb`s PSC partners must take to accept the new MPA. Please note that the specific number of actions to be taken may depend on the partner`s individual relationship with Microsoft. But don`t worry – we`re dealing with what`s involved in every key scenario. If the MPA is not accepted before that date, your organization will not be able to make transactions (i.e. add new subscriptions or seats to existing subscriptions) compared to the CSP program. However, you can continue to manage subscriptions and existing users. Your organization can join microsoft Partner Network by visiting Microsoft`s partner site and registering online.

Here we have another blog post that describes this process in detail.