Premarital Agreement Auf Deutsch

Pre-marital and estate agreements, concubine or registered partnership agreements That the state in which you wish to enter into the marriage requires that your certificate of marital capacity be or be certified in addition by a German authority or by one of its diplomatic or consular representations. the authenticity of authenticity must be certified by a formal equivalence, if you ask the competent authorities abroad or the German diplomatic or consular representation. In case you are looking for a competent partner capable of providing a translation of your marriage, rental, rental contract, you have arrived in the right place. – Organization of Marriage Contracts – Implementation of Maintenance Claims – Organization of Divorce Agreements – Execution of Child Custody Rights – Custody and Visitation Representation – Pension Rights Representation Adaptation and Compensation for Property Acquired During Marriage Even if, according to a competent partner for language translation and correct, your translation of the marriage contract, Your rental or sales contract in German or Thai, you are looking for a competent partner for language translation and correct marriage contract Our services include advice as to the extent to which it is possible to adapt the legal provisions and the establishment of documents related to marriage, such as marriage contracts. , separation agreements and/or divorce agreements in the event of marriage breakdown. And the Ketubah, a wedding, is read in front of the guests. These include the development of inheritance and estate regimes, including tax aspects, the creation of wealth maintenance structures such as foundations, not-for-profit corporations and trusts, the restructuring of unwanted holdings and portfolios, and family solutions through marriage contracts, Family status, etc. 2 Marriage between a German woman and a citizen of a country that allows polygamy If you are considering marrying a man from a country that allows polygamy, it is recommended to obtain information on the form of a conjugal agreement from the Bundesverwaltungsamt, 50728 Cologne ( or a public immigration advisory service. You are looking for an expert in German/Thai law as part of the establishment of your marriage contracts, whether for marriage in Thailand or Germany, will gladly provide you with the data of a specialist lawyer on request. Kalla and chatan (married and married) marry under a chuppa, or wedding awning that symbolizes the couple`s future home. Advice on support, patrimoninel and pension compensation issues; 3 Validity of a marriage Since the validity of the marriage can vary considerably from one country to another, you can get advice in particular with regard to recognition in Germany. Family law We give you clear explanations about the consequences of marriage and the consequences in the event of divorce.

– Preparation and design of the will and final will – Preparation and planning of estate contracts – Execution of wills and management of estates – Execution and/or defence against inheritance rights – Right of guardianship and foundation (International) Inheritance Plan In relation to family law, we focus in particular on the following areas: It defines the obligations and duties of the groom to the bride during marriage, in the event of divorce. Please note that the vocabulary of the vocabulary list is only available in this browser. Once they have been put into the vocabulary coach after JC, they are also available on other devices.