Collective Agreement Lumun

When Memorial professors came together as LUMUN per course in 2006, some things got better, Wells says. In 2009, they signed their first collective agreement with Memorial. « We have found, semester after semester, that dozens – dozens!  » letters of landing come out only two or three weeks before the start of the next semester, » she added. I`ve heard stories of people who are the week before [classes start] when they find out. That is not enough time. One of the issues for us in collective bargaining was that these letters of appointment would come out earlier. LUMUN`s collective agreement with Memorial University expired more than a year ago, and the union is negotiating a new one with the university. While new revenue from a series of significant tuition fee increases is being paid to the university this year, Wells cautions that much of the money will go to administrative expenses and not to improving teaching conditions. Below are links to collective agreements at Memorial. For more information on these collective agreements, please contact

Dependence on the contingent academic workforce has become the source of growing conflict in universities and universities throughout the country. Wells highlighted the continuation of the strike by college teachers in Ontario, for whom a key requirement is more full-time, permanent employment and less reliance on precarious trainers. Wells, president of the union since 2014, notes that LUMUN members are diverse. Some of its members have full-time jobs elsewhere and teach courses either as a complementary job or because they have been recruited in a particular field. Other members are PhD students. Among these groups, some are able to access medical and dental care through their other jobs. « Another problem we have is working time. We get paid according to the course, we don`t receive an hourly rate yet, » Wells noted. Due to the decrease in teaching at the university during the spring semester, many course directors cannot teach during the spring semester. There is no job. Many of our course directors are going to EI this summer. LUMUN represents post-doctrinals and teachers by course at Memorial. There are about 270 teachers per course at the university and about 70 postdocs….