Sample Nnn Agreement

6. I was able to confirm the name and address information of [XYZ Company] using the corresponding government website. According to the available government data, the title of ________ in the company is director and general manager, and I have inserted this information into the agreement. As our international lawyers so often design NNN agreements, we have a standard email that we send to our clients (adapted each time to the situation) that explains the tailor-made NNN agreement we have just designed for them and what they should do with this agreement in the future. The following is such an email and I am writing about it because it not only explains how NNN agreements should be used, but also explains what distinguishes NNN agreements from traditional NDA agreements and why NNN agreements are so important. The confidentiality agreement is normally used in the United States to protect confidential information during potential partnership and negotiation meetings, hirings, licensing partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and other business environments where confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We are signing a few new contract manufacturers in China and we want them to sign a non-disclosure/non-compete clause. The Chinese standard is similar to our NDA agreements and is called the NNN agreement. Does anyone have a good model for an NNN deal they`d like to share? I need a certified Chinese lawyer who can write me a China-centric legal agreement, called a confidentiality, non-use, and non-circumvention agreement. The written language is Chinese with its English translation. The agreement should focus on the fact that an effective agreement on the use of research, obtaining general offers and opening early negotiations with a Chinese producer is a confidentiality, non-use and non-circumvention (NNN) agreement. Below you will find some pitfalls for the unwary who could derail your efforts towards an effective NNN agreement for the derailment: 7. The NNN agreement provides for a damages contract of a specified amount for each infringement.

We will discuss this amount later. Since in the U.S. these confidentiality agreements are the usual instrument of choice for the first meetings where confidential and proprietary information is disclosed, many U.S. companies have also relied on such legal agreements to protect their trade secrets and other confidential information when investigating and collecting offers from potential Chinese partners and producers. As important as it is to have a well-constructed NNN agreement, it is equally important that you have as many measures as possible to prevent infringements. As they say, it is better to place a door at the top of the cliff than to have an ambulance at the bottom. We have designed nearly a thousand NNN contracts for our clients who do business in China, and probably almost a thousand more for our clients who work in different other countries in Asia and elsewhere in the world, and they are almost always signed. China. We sometimes make adjustments to our NNN agreements, based on legitimate concerns about limiting the use of technology already held by the receiving party.

However, this agreement has already been revised to address these legitimate issues. Given this story, you should ask yourself on what possible basis this company will have to request a complete review of the agreement. We think it`s because they want you to sign a bad deal (an NDA and not an NNN deal) so they can easily leave with your IP. ✔ well-developed Chinese NNN contract templates in 4 versions, which apply to your specific situations, depending on whether you or your counterpart are a company or an individual….